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Our School

Our Branches

Chisangalatso Nursery School currently has two branches in Malawi. The first branch to be opened was in Mitawa, in the region of Chiradzulu. 

After the success of this school, CNS were pleased to be able to open another branch in the region of Balaka. 

We would like to continue to grow and provide early years education to more and more children on Malawi, however, we can only do so with your help and support. 

Our People

The teachers that are currently working with us are mostly on a voluntary basis. The people of Malawi are passionate about providing education to the children of Malawi. However, their lives and well-being must also be looked after and CNS would like to progress in becoming an employer to our teachers. 

We are always welcoming to new volunteering or work opportunities and so do contact us if you think you could help. 


Our Activities

Alongside academic learning, CNS wants to introduce fundamental life skills to children from an early age. This includes anything from personal hygiene to communication and interpersonal skills. We do this by regularly holding workshops and events throughout the year where resources and funds allow. 

CNS is also helping children by providing them with Breakfast and Lunch in order to ease the pressure some parents are under to care for their young ones. 

There is so much more we could be doing, so much more we can do - but we need your help and support. 


Michael Ndelemani

Founder and Director

Samuel Ndelemani 

Acting Director

Francis Billiat 

Board Chair & Advisor

Chikondi Kwalira

Vice Board Chair

Charity Nkung'untha

Finance Director 

Charity Chombo


Grace Ng'ongwani 


Mirriam Naulah 

Communications Officer

Chin Ndelemani

Branding and Digital

We want to provide early years education to the village children of Malawi. Every child deserves the opportunity to develop their full potential. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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